Yesterday, USA Today came out with a list of “The World’s Weirdest Foods for Brave Travelers.”

The list included “virgin boy eggs,” a popular springtime snack sold on the streets of Dongyang, China. The eggs are simmered in the urine of “prepubescent boys,” according to USA Today.

In the below video on Dongyang eggs from, the reporter discusses the preparation of the virgin boy eggs. She says,

“It takes a full day to prepare the snack, starting with collecting urine from boys’ toilets. Then the eggs are soaked and boiled in a pot of urine. After which, the shells are cracked and the eggs are simmered in the same urine for hours.”

Locals say that the urine eggs provide a number of health benefits, and have energy-boosting and restorative properties. They prevent heatstroke, promote better blood circulation, makes you feel reinvigorated, stop joint pain, and are generally really amazing for your health.

China is home to plenty of other bizarre snacks, including bird regurgitate that fetches more than gold per ounce and panda poop tea that’s valued at even more than that. Still, eggs soaked in the urine of virgin schoolboys is pretty damn weird.

We’re guessing Zimmern will go H.A.M. on these urine-soaked treats on the next episode of Bizarre Foods.

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