Pepsi recently conducted taste tests of a Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. Think about that: a nacho-flavored chips flavored soda is now in existence.

Redditor and Kent State University freshman joes_nipples informed the world that Mountain Dew was doing a taste test at the Ohio college. The taste test included Lemon Ginger Mountain Dew, Mango Habanero Mountain Dew, and “Mountain Dew Dewitos.”

And back in late October, this photo appeared, apparently taken at Ohio University:

We were skeptical at first (like you might be right now); we thought, this might very well be a fake Mountain Dew product. For example, remember when you got excited about Fried Chicken Oreos, but then they were a fallacy? It sucked, didn’t it?

But Quartz confirms that, for better or for worse, the product is real.

Quartz writes, “A Pepsi spokesperson has confirmed that these product tests are indeed in progress.” A statement to Quartz via email said,

“We are always testing out new flavors of Mountain Dew, and giving our fans a voice in helping decide on the next new product has always been important to us. We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small program at colleges and universities.”

joes_nipples told Reddit: ”It tasted like orange with a doritos after taste. It tasted like straight doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I’ve ever drunken.”

Nevertheless, Dewitos is a thing that exists and the world will never be the same. 

This is also next level to Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos, which only exist in Japan, because the Japanese are awesome at snacks.

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