Picture this: You order pizza all the time from your favorite place. So you know its menu inside and out.

You eat with different friends all the time, and they all have different tastes.

So you know two things: how to combine ingredients, and how to make people happy.

If you also happen to live in Australia, we’d like to congratulate you. You may just have what it takes to be a Pizza Mogul with Domino’s Pizza Australia—and it could earn you some serious money.

Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

pizza mogul step 1

pizza mogul step 2

pizza mogul step 3

The program isn’t kidding about customers actually earning serious money with this app, either.

Here’s the current top earner on the leader boards. Keep in mind that Pizza Mogul launched in August of this year.

pizza mogul top earner all time

So what kinds of pies are Pizza Moguls selling?

Here’s the top-selling pie of all time, which was perhaps not coincidentally made by #pizza_master:

pizza mogul megameatlovers

You can view the leaderboards at any time to see how particular pizzas are faring, but new results are apparently kept top secret until Tuesdays.

Clearly, at least one participant has been studying the competition. Take a look at the current best-selling pizza on the board:

pizza mogul epicbbqmeatlovers

It’s basically just a slightly amped-up version of the all-time best-seller, #TheMegaMeatlovers.

Unsurprisingly, if you look at the leader boards for current highest earners, you’ll see this reflected as well.

pizza mogul current top earners

$1,251.25 in Australian dollars is $1,076.30 in U.S. dollars. We’re pretty sure no one would be sad about taking home an extra $1K.


That leads us to our most important question: Why don’t we have something like Pizza Mogul in the U.S.?

Obviously, Domino’s U.S. would have to be super careful about implementation. Constant trolling of Lay’s #DoUsAFlavor campaign earlier this year was hilarious for anyone watching, but probably not what Lay’s actually intended when it rolled out the crowd-sourcing concept.

Still, despite the hiccups, #DoUsAFlavor largely proved that U.S. residents are into creating their own crazy flavors of things, then marketing themselves like mad on social media.

All we know is, we would definitely love to see the kinds of pizza craziness that could potentially erupt from far-flung corners of the nation.

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