If you thought the Domino’s interactive pizza tracker was impressive, get ready for some next-level pizza delivery.

This past Wednesday, Domino’s introduced its reimagined pizza-delivery vehicle—this time with a twist.

The Domino’s DXP is the company’s latest dip into the world of ground-breaking inventions. The design of the car, which took three years to conceive, features a warming oven, a puddle light, and pizza racks that can carry up to 80 pies at a time.

With the help of Roush Vehicles, Domino’s plans on creating 100 DXPs that will begin roaming in various cities across the U.S. including San Diego, Boston, Dallas, and Seattle over the next three months.

Domino’s President Russell Weiner tells Forbes, “With all the changes that have occurred with this brand, one of the things that hasn’t kept pace is our innovation within delivery vehicles. So, what if a car was designed only for delivering pizzas?

But if there is one point Domino’s wants to make clear, it’s that this car is far from a joke. Weiner explains this is “more than a branding exercise. We wanted to make sure that no one thought this was just a gimmick; this isn’t us producing an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile or just a fleet of branded cars. ”

With over 400 million pizzas being delivered in the U.S. every year, it’s clear that these new vehicles will be put to good use.

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