In the restaurant world, it definitely helps to have youth on your side. Generally speaking, the younger you start learning your way around a kitchen, the better off you’ll be.

Just take a look at NYC’s own Alexander Weiss, who at age 14 has accomplished more in his chosen field than some people twice his age.

In the video above, he even managed to impress modern pastry master Dominique Ansel.

Ansel apparently simplified his Cronut recipe for home cooks with the publication of Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes. But it’s still pretty involved for most home cooks.

Some notes on this “simplified” recipe:

  • It still takes three days to make it correctly.
  • Remember, half of “cronut” is “croissant.” That means you have to make laminated dough, which involves carefully rolling a ton of cold butter into your dough over and over to create layers. Most professional bakeries that make croissants have sheeters to help them with this step, but you’ll have to do it by hand, which takes hours.
  • You must also make: ganache, vanilla sugar, and glaze—all of which take additional time and technique

Making a good laminated dough by hand alone is a great way to get a workout. Maybe that’s good if you’re planning to eat all that butter and cream.

Here’s a short video showing you laminated dough made easier with an industrial sheeter. If you’ve made homemade pasta before, think of it like a giant pasta roller.

We can just imagine the conversations when Weiss gets home from doing amazing stuff like this.

We’d imagine it goes something like this:

Alexander: Hey, Mom and Dad, guess what I did today?

Mom: Hey, honey. I don’t know, what did you do today?

Alexander: Oh, NBD, just got a one-on-one tutorial in making cronuts with Dominique Ansel.

Dad: Oh, that’s nice. Did you bring some home to share?

Alexander: Of course!

It’s exciting to watch the future of the food world unfolding in front of us, and kids like Weiss definitely give us confidence that it’s going to be awesome.

[via Grubstreet]

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