Austin, Texas barbecue master Aaron Franklin (of Franklin Barbecue) met up with pastry king Dominique Ansel (the man behind the Cronut) this weekend at SXSW. Thankfully, Eater was on hand to document the magic moment when Ansel offered to trade Cronuts for Franklin’s brisket, since neither had tried each other’s food before. The pair also made a mashup sandwich to end all mashup sandwiches, comprised of Franklin’s Brisket sandwiched by Ansel’s DKA (a tender, flaky, croissant-like pastry).

Eater writes, “Ansel nominated his DKAs over the Cronut, as he thought the Cronut’s custard layer would make for a poor sandwich.” Ansel and Franklin agreed that the sweetness of the DKAs played well off the barbecue. All we have to say: Dayum that looks incredible.

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