Pastry wizard and Cronut creator Dominique Ansel just Instagrammed a picture of his newest creation: The “Waffogatto.” It consists of vanilla ice cream in the shape of a waffle with Belgium waffle bits, topped with maple-syrup espresso.

Dominique Ansel Bakery spokeswoman Amy Ma explains in full:

“The Waffogato (we’re cracking up at the name) is made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream that has bits of Belgium waffle folded in. Next, they sprinkle some sea salt and pearl sugar for a bit of crunch. The espresso that they pour over is spiked with warm dark Vermont maple syrup. The grooves on the waffle ice cream give you more contact in surface area with the maple-syrup espresso. And my favorite part is that as it melts, there are actually little tapioca balls within it that float up in the whole melted ice cream espresso soup. It’s a lot of fun to eat.”

According to the below tweet, TV show host Wendy Williams was the first to try the waffle-ice cream creation when Ansel brought it onto the show this morning. Not even fair.

Ma says the DA team is serving small tasting portions of the Waffogato tonight at NYC charity event Taste of the Nation, in support of Share of Strength. “Child hunger is a cause that’s near and dear to Dominique’s heart, because he grew up quite poor and often very hungry. The theme they gave us was ‘Breakfast,’ and so voila—the Waffogato,” explains Ma.

Dominique Ansel is hoping to bring the Waffogato to his Soho bakery in about a week’s time (when the weather warms up).

There are probably thousands of people lined up already outside Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho in anticipation of the Waffogato release. Long live the hypebeast pastry (especially when it’s for charity)!

[via Twitter, Instagram]

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