Prison food is notoriously awful. So when rapper DMX got out of prison on Friday, a good meal was unsurprisingly at the top of his to-do list.

X went all out at an IHOP in Buffalo, New York, according to pictures on Twitter and a report from TMZ. The rapper jumped on the grill and “whipped up a mean chicken fajita omelette.” We’re guessing he had access to some Lil B mixtapes while in the clink.

TMZ reports that DMX was at the IHOP to meet his manager, and liked his food so much that he wanted to meet and thank the cooks that prepared his meal. In DMX’s world, that means stepping on to the line, putting on a name tag, and cooking some Tex Mex-inspired eggs.

DMX has been in and out of prison for a while now, and it can be hard to find work with a criminal record. Maybe X should consider donning the name tag full time and making a career/hobby out of flipping short stacks. At the very least, it might keep him out of trouble.

[via TMZ]