South African internet provider MWEB is attempting to change the way we photograph food. The company has launched the “world’s first portable photo studio for restaurant meals,” which they’re calling the #dinnercam.

The #dinnercam device will be available upon request to diners at El Burro, a restaurant in Cape Town. After connecting to MWEB WiFi, the diner can change lighting options and style the dish for the ultimate food shot. They can then upload the shot onto Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like.

Can you imagine the person sitting next to you at dinner whipping out this portable light box to photograph his/her food? And you thought iPhones were bad.

We asked FWF photographer Liz Barclay for her thoughts on the #dinnercam. She says,

“I think photographing food can be a great way to document your life and memories. One thing I am mindful of, however, is photographing food in a way that doesn’t disrupt other diners and the people dining with me. 

I wouldn’t really advocate something like this, something that interferes with the meal or isn’t seamless during dining. Although, I would use it at home.”

Watch the video below to see the #dinnercam in action.

[via Design Taxi]