It’s no secret that Diddy goes hard, and his birthday party last night was no exception.

According to TMZ, the Ciroc mogul celebrated his 46th birthday at Butter in NYC. The surprise party was apple themed, so there was both apple-flavored Ciroc Vodka and apple pie.

That’s right, instead of a traditional birthday cake, Diddy opted to celebrate with a spread of apple pies that read “Happy Birthday Sean Diddy Combs AKA Puff Daddy!!!”

Turns out, the pies weren’t just there because of the apple theme. According to his Twitter, Diddy is not a fan of cake.

Combs claims he eats apple sauce on the daily and has never even had a traditional birthday cake. We say: don’t play yourself, Puffy. Who could forget this iconic birthday cake from way back in the day?

[via TMZ]