Rick Ross dropped some visuals for his song “Diced Pineapples,” and you probably won’t be surprised to discover that the video is light on fruits, but heavy on Ciroc Premium Ultra and girls in bathing suits. That’s because the song is not actually about healthy eating, but rather—as Rap Genius explains—the many double entendres surrounding the tropical fruit and sex.

Amongst other allusions, Rozay and his MMG cohort Wale demonstrate their strange, Cosmo-reading theories on gynecological homeopathy—namely, that eating pineapples makes a woman “taste” better. Ahem.

File this one in the ever-growing genre of “rap songs that aren’t about food but should be.” Some more of our favorites include:

  1. “My Fork,” by Dangeru$$. This Florida rapper’s wiry frame lets us know that he’s definitely not cooking actual food.
  2. “Cake,” by Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent. The fact that the word money outnumbers the word cake four to one in the hook should tell you what this joint is really about.
  3. “Pies,” by Pusha T. This song, like all Pusha T songs, is about cocaine.
  4. “Gouda,” by E-40. The Bay Area legend knows lots of different cheeses, but they all mean one thing in his mind: cash.
  5. “Ham Music,” by Meek Mill. Instead of being about prosciutto and Jamón Ibérico, this song is basically about nothing.