The average person sees up to 5,000 ads a day, according to The New York Times. The big, loud letters and neon colors seen on billboards, product labels, and online advertisements become grating somewhere around noon, leaving you to wonder why all marketers feel the need to visually scream at you.

Imagine if all packaging took it down about three notches, focusing on clean lines and minimalist design. Creative agency Astrepo created a photo series depicting just that: the most minimal version of all our favorite foods and drinks.

Digital artist Mehmet Gozetlik’s photos show a progression from well-known logos to design-based concept ideas. The bold Guinness logo simply becomes a white logo on a black can. Peanut M&Ms are still identifiable by their iconic yellow bag, even when the rest of the design fades away into something far more aesthetically pleasing.

Click through the gallery to see the new, minimalist designs of your favorite food and beverage products.

[via The Die Line]