Philly’s cult fried chicken and donut shop Federal Donuts launched a collection of David Lynch-inspired doughnuts, because Lynch is amazing and we’re all very excited that Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016. More specifically, the doughnuts were made to commemorate the director’s Fall 2014 exhibit at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. 

Two thousand mini Lynchian donuts were individually hand-dipped for the opening of the exhibit. Flavors included:

  • The “Blue Velvet” (classic cake doughnut with vanilla-lavender glaze)
  • Twin Peaks-inspired “Cherry Pie” (cherry glaze and graham cracker crumbs)
  • Twin Peaks-inspired “Good Coffee” (homemade cold brew glaze)
  • The “Chocolate Malted” (a malted milkshake-flavored tribute to Lynch’s favorite childhood treat)

As of today, you can get the Good Coffee doughnut at Federal Donuts in Philly.


Since the exhibit opening, the Federal Donuts store has been gradually adding the Lynch-themed sweets to its regular flavor rotation.

Will the doughnuts be on the menu for the 2016 Twin Peaks season three premiere?

“I highly doubt we’ll keep them on until then,” said Lynch. “But, there’s always the chance that they’ll return leading up to the premiere of the new Twin Peaks.”

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