It’s no secret that pizza is king of the Internet. Amplified by countless memes and Illuminati references that make the rounds on Instagram and Twitter, the dish has become a powerful symbol of pop culture—breeding pizzaboi obsessives who have eagerly made it their master.

But the pizzaboi stereotype is only part of the story. Mega-celebrity pop stars like Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus also use their far-reaching influence to take pizza pride to the next level, proving all along that these women are real powerful players in ‘za movement.

No one reps the cause than these pizza baes. Here we take a closer look at what separates these queens from the pack, and who rightfully deserves the pizza crown.

Katy Perry

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+2 points for legit snack-food fanaticism: Katy Perry, known for her bright and quirky style, has repped food-inspired clothing since day one. KP doesn’t limit herself to anything ordinary—from a fruit salad one-piece to a watermelon romper, Perry boldly affiliates her brand with food (junk food, especially). Judging by her Instagram account, you can tell that Katy is an avid food pornographer as well, carefully documenting her eating experiences as she travels across the globe (including a pit-stop at the recently-opened Tokyo Taco Bell—”Crunchwrap on Fleek!”). KP’s interest is a genuine one, and her love of Slim Jim, Hot Cheetos, and other snacks is a big reason why pizza gets so much airtime from the star. 

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+1 point for repping pizza in her work: Katy’s love for food even extends to her oeuvre. From dressing like a Hot Dog on a Stick employee to incorporating pizza into every aspect of an outfit, Katy Perry is a master at turning food into theater.

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You can catch KP rocking food-inspired outfits in many of her music videos. “California Gurls” is proof that that even Snoop Dogg will take sartorial direction from a the pizza #influencer.


+2 points for being an authenticity snob: Beyoncé knows better than anyone that pizza brings people together. Family is important to this queen, and what better way to connect with friends and family than by sharing a pie? But Bey isn’t merely satisfied with any ol’ NY dollar slice. That’s why a trip to Italy—the cradle of O.G. pizza—with Ivy and Jay proves she’s willing to travel great lengths for authentic margherita. Her Sunday night ritual of ordering pizza (Neapolitan, of course) at Brooklyn’s Lucali serves as a friendly reminder that a happy marriage centers around weekly pizza trips.

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Ed Sheeran recently shared a pie with the power couple at a dive bar in NYC. The three even had an impromptu folk-jam session, immediately making it a NYC hot spot—all thanks to the humble Italian specialty.

+1/2 point for knowing that less is more on a good pie: In terms of wardrobe, Queen Bey always keeps it simple, classy, and fashion-forward. From simple-statement jewelry to slurpees for a pop of color, Beyoncé knows how to make food the ultimate fashion accessory.

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Despite announcing she has gone vegan, she still displays her love for pizza with this matching printed crop top and pants ensemble. For Beyoncé, pizza is not only communal, it’s high fashion—symbolic of NY’s power-broker culture.

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Miley Cyrus

+3 points for being a millennial pizza hero: If there was a food that represented the millennial generation, it would be pizza—and Miley Cyrus would be the honorary pizza spokesperson. As a notorious risk-taker, Miley flaunts pizza onesies and bed sheets as sort of a devil-may-care statement, both acknowledging and mocking her innocent past.

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+3 points for using pizza as a weapon of self-preservation: Miley is no stranger to celebrity gossip, and she’s learned a few tricks to mess with the media. She debunks any false story with grace and humor—e.g., using a ‘pizza baby’ as the response to pregnancy rumors with her former beau, Patrick Schwarzenegger. We can thank Miley as she paved the way for a new type of crisis management: Pizza PR.

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The verdict

Katy shines in pizza-printed nails, Beyoncé keeps it simple with Italian dinners and crop tops, and Miley goes full-throttle with memes. In the end, Miley shines brightest in her role, proving to us that pizza can be edgy rather than just cute, and most importantly, that a good pizza joke can lighten the mood of any dire situation. We salute these queens and their ‘za efforts, but for now, Miley wears the crown.