This just in: Get out of the Cronut line you have been waiting in for days. Dominique Ansel, Cronut inventor extraordinaire, has moved on and so should you.

Ansel’s “Magic Soufflé” makes its debut at his Spring Street bakery this weekend, and you can expect the wait to be lengthy. The soufflé has an orange-scented brioche exterior with a chocolate interior. Ansel revealed to Hugh Merwin at Grub Street that he used the tradition soufflé ingredients—eggs, sugar, etc—but in different proportions than those traditionally used in a soufflé recipe.

The Magic Soufflé was born because Ansel hated serving customers soufflés in traditional ramekins, which aid in the dessert’s stability. Instead, Ansel’s soufflé rises inside the exterior orange blossom dough for two hours.

Ansel instructs customers to eat the soufflé fresh out of the oven, so as to ensure that its molten chocolate center is still gooey. The Dominique Ansel Bakery staff will begin sharing samples on Friday. The soufflé costs a pricey $7, so you best start saving your pocket change now.

[via Grub Street]