While some restaurateurs still embrace simplicity, many others reject it in favor of something more…original. As a result, restaurants are becoming increasingly specialized, which can also mean increasingly strange and perverse. Gimmicks are one way to attract customer, and beyond the Rainforest Cafes and Margaritavilles of the world, there are some truly insane concepts out there.

Buildings that are blessed (if you could call it that) with disturbing pasts have built-in intrigue. Others, though, create elaborate alternate universes. There are spots where zombies roam and soup is eaten out of toilets. There’s a restaurant in Indonesia that’s covered in Nazi paraphernalia, and a restaurant in Tokyo where you have to cut open a naked woman’s body to get to your meal. The following restaurants range from classically creepy to just plain upsetting, but each wins points for originality.

From Nazi-themed restaurants to eateries inside of a coffin, here’s a look at the creepiest restaurants around the globe.