Smartphone app developers are always trying to outdo one another. Pandora becomes Spotify, which in turn becomes Beats Radio.

But what developers often don’t think about are their app icons, which can make you decide to keep that app on the front of your phone or bury it in a folder somewhere. We haven’t seen that skateboarding game we downloaded in about a year.

Creative Dash has designed an entirely new class of icons. Some look like tasty sushi rolls, while others are hamburger buns and grilled chicken. We think the idea is genius.

Right now, all these ideas are still on the drawing board. We can only dream of the day that all our phones look like bento boxes. Now all we’d need is Smellovision.

Scroll down to see some delicious-looking icons, courtesy of Creative Dash.








[via Design Taxi; all images courtesy of Creative Dash]