Part of the joy of going to Costco is the seemingly endless amount of samples you can try as you browse through the aisles of the store. But when it comes to snatching a sample, people do not mess around.

Earlier today, a fight broke out at a Burbank Costco after a 78-year-old unidentified man asked 24-year-old Derrick Gharabighi to leave some Nutella waffle samples for the rest of the customers. The millennial had allegedly “snatched all the Nutella samples,” and so the older man chastised Gharabighi and told him to stop.

Gharabighi’s response: punching the 78-year-old in the face.

Go ballistic over these biscuits. #breakfast

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According to the The Los Angeles Times, the punch to the face left the 78-year-old man in the hospital for swelling in his left eye and a cut above his forehead.

The waffle-hoarding attacker is currently in jail with one count of elder abuse and another for inflicting bodily harm on an older man.

[via The Los Angeles Times]