The food world’s made some truly ingenious (and disgusting) mashup foods—instant-ramen papusas, anyone? However, we might’ve just reached peak-hybrid with a Los Angeles ice cream shop’s latest creation.

Yes, we’re talking about pizza-flavored ice cream—a marscapone and olive oil-based treat featuring mix-ins of sun-dried tomatoes and basil that you can find in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. 

In a recent interview with Munchies, CEO and co-founder of Coolhaus Natasha Case answered all the hard-hitting questions that inevitably come with the introduction of the next best ice cream. She explains that yes, the ice cream tastes just like pizza, and that the idea did stem from the founders’ love for the hit comedy Broad City. Case explains:

Yes, it really tastes like pizza—not in a mimicking way, but in a way that is evocative and I think really interesting. The mascarpone base gives it a creamy and slightly sweet cheese flavor, the tomatoes are sweet and sour, the olive oil is earthy, and the fresh basil is herbaceous and bright. This is very similar to how your mind and palate break apart the pizza experience.

One can only hope that this turns into a classic.

[via Munchies]