One of the greatest joys of waking up before 10:30am is having the opportunity to hit up the fast-food drive-thru for those elusive breakfast items. But people who enjoy Egg McMuffins are often slackers, and not up early enough to indulge in a fast-food breakfast sandwich with a side of hash browns.

Recently, McDonald’s caught on to the public’s life-long struggle to make it to the chain in time for breakfast. A recent study has shown that “breakfastarians“—or those who enjoy eating breakfast twice a day—trust McDonald’s for their second meal over any other fast-food establishment, prompting the chain to consider lengthening its breakfast hours. McDonald’s currently receives one quarter of its U.S. sales from breakfast items, resulting in 40% of its profits coming in before 11am.


The extreme popularity of fast-food breakfast has finally convinced McDonald’s to begin serving breakfast all day. According to Reuters, the golden arches plans to reintroduce all-day breakfast starting this fall.

Time reports that by making this change, sales would be projected to rise by 2.5%. Researchers found that McDonald’s restaurants across the country could increase their annual profits by $31,000 solely from providing customers with the option to purchase an egg McMuffin all day long.

In addition to McDonald’s, other fast-food chains are beginning to zero-in on the success of breakfast offerings. Earlier this year, Taco Bell launched a breakfast menu including Egg and Cheese Biscuit Tacos and A.M. Crunch Wraps. With the success breakfast items are bringing the fast-food industry, one thing is for certain: there’s a lot riding on who becomes the all-day fast-food breakfast king.


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