We already told you about powdered alcohol and that kids in Rhode Island are snorting Smarties—so of course now a Belgian chocolatier is selling a chocolate-snorting device. This brings new meaning to “I’m in love with the coco(a).”


Dominique Persoone created the Chocolate Shooter in 2007 for a Rolling Stones party, because aging rockers are really just bad boys with more refined tastes. The device delivers a hit of pure cocoa powder (only the good stuff, direct from Central or South America) mixed with mint and either ginger or raspberry. In the 2008 clip below, Persoone explains that the mint and ginger open the sinuses so the chocolate can go straight to your brain.

Smell plays a significant role in our ability to enjoy food, sex, and the other things that make life fun—especially for rock stars. There’s a theory that losing his sense of smell contributed to INXS frontman Michael Hutchence’s depression and subsequent suicide. Snorting your artisanal chocolate is for boat-dwelling ballers who like to go big or go home, and take every experience (even dessert) to the max because #YOLO. That may explain why the Chocolate Shooter is taking off in countries like Russia, India, Australia and the U.S. despite a hefty price tag of €45 ($50).

It’s obviously not the first time people have looked for creative ways to enhance the effects of food and drink. But compared to something like a tequila suicide (where you snort the salt, drink the shot, and squeeze the lime in your eye), snorting cocoa is more expensive, less dangerous, and probably won’t result in hilarious YouTube videos. In other words, this is the fancy foodie answer to butt chugging.


[via Reuters]