Food mash-ups aren’t as easy as they look. For every Cronut there’s a million cragels (that’s a croissant-bagel hybrid, for everyone who missed the wave) that just don’t come out right. But if there’s one food mash-up that got everything right—at least conceptually (full disclosure: we’ve yet to try it)—it’s chef Thiago Silva’s cinnamon-roll doughnut, a glazed doughnut with an entire cinnamon roll hiding inside.

Silva came up with the idea while working at NYC’s Catch, where you can still find seasonal variations of the franken-pastry on the menu. But how did Thiago get the inspiration for this inspired ode to gluttony? Mashable caught up with the chef to learn the origin story of this twofer dessert: “I thought the idea was cool if I put a cinnamon roll [inside] but it would have to be raw and cook at the same time as the donut.”

The result hits you out of left field, as what appears to be a jelly- or cream-filled doughnut can be torn apart to reveal a freshly cooked coil of cinnamon goodness. The instagram video of Thiago ripping one apart should be enough to convince you:

Cinnamon roll donuts ready for service @catch @luis_miguelr nice job! #catchnyc #cinnamonrolldonut

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And while Catch is still offering the cinnamon-roll doughnut, cuz, well, duh, Thiago has since moved on, and as for what his next pastry mash-up will consist of, Silva isn’t giving out any hints just yet.

“I’m always trying to think outside the box,” he tells Mashable.

Maybe we were wrong about these reason all those people are taking Ubers to Catch.

[via Mashable]