There are great churros in pretty much every neighborhood in L.A.—the city absolutely loves the hot, fried pastry rolled in cinnamon-sugar.

Now, Sylvia Yoo is selling churro ice cream sandwiches from her mobile guerrilla operation, Churro Borough, in Los Angeles.

The pastry savant rolls churro dough into flat spirals, and uses them to sandwich a hefty scoop of ice cream.

Yoo tells CHOW,

“The increased surface area lent itself to ideal crispiness, the disc shape was perfect for ice cream sandwiches.”


[Photo: Sylvia Yoo]

Yoo went to culinary school in New York, then worked in the pastry department at Red Medicine. She says,

“When I moved back to LA, it was the beginning of the ice cream boom, with places like Carmela and Sweet Rose opening shop. Working in pastry, ice cream was always my favorite thing to make and eat. I had dreams of running my own business, but I knew I needed my product to stand out.”

You can find four standard ice cream sandwiches at Churro Borough: Horchata with a homemade rice-and-almond-milk ice cream, Mexican hot chocolate, and two seasonal flavors (right now there’s orange creamsicle and berry panna cotta). Yoo plans to roll out ice cream shakes with churro dipping fries, as well as churro-flavored macarons (or “churrons”) in the near future.

Churro ice cream sandwiches are a clear reflection of the culinary creativity that’s coming out of L.A. right now.


[Photo: Sylvia Yoo]

In other cruller-like pastry news, Japanese chain Mos Burger has dropped a limited-run French Cruller Burger with a donut bun and an awesome spiral chorizo-sausage patty.

Great things relating to fried dough are happening all over the world.


[Photo: Mos Burger]

[via CHOW]