Remember the good old days when you could get a scoop of ice cream in a cup or a cone? How times have changed: We have entered an era of peak ice-cream innovation where sugar cones and paper cups will no longer do. Instead the world is demanding cones crafted from doughnuts and puffy egg waffles. It used to be that people would shell out for a waffle bowl if they were feeling frisky, but that has nothing on the latest creation coming out of Sydney. According to The Urban List, a yet-to-open ice cream shop is already making waves on the ‘net with its churro bowls.

Yes, Milky Lane, which is set to open in Sydney early next month, is crafting not just cones, but full-on bowls out of the deep-fried, cinnamon sugar-coated treat. The shop has been teasing a churro cone for a few weeks, but eventually decided to take its edible vessel skills to new heights.

To make the bowl, churro batter is piped in a circular motion around a bowl, then frozen, deep-fried, and coated with cinnamon sugar. At Milky Lane, the team plans to fill the bowls with homemade soft-serve, plus Nutella and caramel.

The team behind Milky Lane tells The Urban List that they first got the idea from something they stumbled across online. Perhaps it was this viral video by BuzzFeed’s Tasty—posted just last week—that gave them the inspiration they needed. Regardless, people are already drooling over them all over social media even though no one has been able to eat one yet.

As far as the edible bowls go, one crafted from churros is pretty low on the excellence scale, mostly because the best part about churros is dipping them in chocolate, something a bowl shape makes very difficult. Below, please find a very unscientific ranking of edible bowls, from best to worst:

  1. Bread Bowl. The OG of the edible bowl world. Haters may hate and complain about it possibly getting soggy but most bread bowls come with a lid, which no other bowl can claim to have.
  2. Tortilla Bowl. A taco salad in a regular bowl is meh, but dump it in a puffy deep-fried tortilla bowl and it all of sudden tastes like magic.
  3. Cookie Bowl. Cookie bowls are essentially like a more twisted take on an ice cream cookie sandwich. During the baking process, parts of the bowl are likely to be thicker than the others, meaning that they probably come out of the oven gooier, which is quite the win.
  4. Waffle Bowl. Less dense than a cookie bowl, it probably gets soggier quicker, but it does offer the classic flavors of a waffle cone.
  5. Churro Bowl. Looks great, probably tastes great, but could get stale easily. Could also be leaky which is not idea for something that is likely filled with ice cream.
  6. Bacon Bowl. Everything is not better with bacon.

[via The Urban List]