Do you like Church’s Chicken’s honey-butter biscuits? Do you like Oreos? Do you like food mashups? Don’t waste your time answering that—we know you do.

Church’s is bringing together its famous biscuits and Oreos for a limited-edition offering: Oreo Biscuit Bites, available December 1-28.

Oreos crumbled into Church’s biscuit dough, with vanilla icing, makes a whole lot of sense to us. It’s almost like a junk-food scone—amirite?


This is the first time in 52 years that the chicken chain has messed with its iconic biscuit recipeUSA Today talked to Church’s global chief marketing officer, Mark Snyder, about the new biscuit.

“‘We tested a number of cookie flavors but Oreos easily won out,’ says Snyder, who declines to mention the other cookies it tested because they may show up in future biscuits. ‘There may be an opportunity to push this further,’ he says, noting it’s being marketing as both a snack and dessert.”

Beyond cookies, the chain is also looking into stuffing savory foods and flavors into limited-time biscuits. Are bacon biscuits on the horizon? Cheddar biscuits? Pizza biscuits? (Jk…but also kind of not joking.)

Latching onto the mashup trend is a smart move for Church’s, seeing that, in the fast-food world, traffic typically slumps in the winter months due to weather challenges and seasonal consumer eating habits, according to USA Today.

When asked what she thought about the new Oreo biscuits, food expert and New Orleans native Elena Bergeron said,

This is insane on several levels because as fried chicken chains go, TRU O.G.’s recognize the superiority of Church’s biscuits to all other chains (besides Bojangles, but that’s only available regionally so doesn’t really count). So I definitely want to try this and the future flavor experiments because if anyone knows what they’re doing with biscuits it’s fucking Church’s. However, I have a Tina Knowles side eye prepared in case they’re fucking up a classic. Bitch, I’m watching you.”


There’s just one massive problem with this limited-time Oreo biscuit offering: Church’s doesn’t serve milk. Come on now.

[via USA Today]

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