We’ve all seen pictures of what was the most epic late-night double date at Waffle House ever: attendees included supermodel-turnt-Twitter rabble-rouser Chrissy Teigen, her husband John Legend, and Kimye. But how in the world did the two power couples end up at a Waffle House (which, as it stands, may just be the most name-checked restaurant in rap), after attending a DirecTV pre-Super Bowl concert in Phoenix?

Teigen tells Cosmopolitan.com,

[pullquote]I’m sure it was probably my idea. [Laughs] I always make a late-night run somewhere. The night before it was Taco Bell, the night before [that] it was Jack-in-the-Box. And I had never been to a Waffle House. So it was time. And they were so great too. Everyone that worked there was so cool. They just kept trying to get the meal perfect, so it took a while. But it was worth it, for sure.[/pullquote]

The model/master chef/#influencer really likes her late-night snacks. Here she is half-asleep squirting Cheeze Wiz into her mouth on the couch:


Copping some instant ramen at the convenience store while wearing leopard stilettos:


And feasting on some late-night Pizza Hut:


We’d say the girl’s got to reel it in—but she obviously doesn’t.

Teigen also told Cosmo that she would never, ever in a million years cook for Beyonce. When asked if she would show off her skills to Kimye, Teigen replied,

Oh my gosh, no. I would be so nervous. No, I can’t imagine…I definitely would not cook for the both of them. I get nervous cooking for our little house party barbecues. I’m very insecure with my cooking. I tend to throw things away that I’m scared of serving, even though they might be great. No, so I have not yet. I’d have to go to culinary school first or something before I got the balls to do that.

Don’t be silly, Chrissy, you straight-up dominate the kitchen.

Cooking class with el sensitivo

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[via Cosmopolitan.com]

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