It’s Monday, and that means we’re about to post something hilarious that supermodel Chrissy Teigen did over the weekend.

Teigen must have been drunk Amazon-bingeing recently, because she posted several Insta-videos of herself and husband John Legend using As Seen On TV’s Rollie Eggmaster.

The fabulously bad informercial for the product features normal eggs, which the narrator deems too . . . “floppy.” Instead, he proposes you use an egg toaster to mold your breakfast into a strangely unappealing tube shape. He thinks you should carry your egg tube to work without a napkin, because that’s socially acceptable.

In the videos, Teigen braves the totally tubular Rollie, dousing it with hot sauce along the way. We’re considering involving eggs and hot sauce in every drunken night after this one. At least there’s really no way to burn yourself.

After watching the ominous rise of the egg roll, Teigen posted a third video of Legend attempting to clean the damn thing.

Watch the videos to see the Eggmaster for yourself. Would you dare try it?

[via Instagram]

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