Everyone’s favorite bacon-loving supermodel Chrissy Teigen had the brilliant idea of hosting a dinner party via Twitter.

Yesterday afternoon, Teigen Tweeted an Emeril Legasse Jambalaya recipe, and asked her followers to get drunk, cook the recipe, and Tweet about it using the #DrunkDinnerParty hashtag.

She then tweeted“I’ll start cooking around 730/8 eastern to time with housewives hahaha sad.”

We can’t think of anyone in the world who wouldn’t want to get drunk and cook with the babelicious supermodel. Predictably, there was a very good #DrunkDinnerParty turn out on Twitter.

Teigen’s Jambalaya came out beautifully, even though she was shitcanned off wine while cooking it. Also, we must address the fact that, at one point, she considered putting ramen in the jambalaya to make “rambalaya.” Amazing.

Caption: “Oh baby #drunkdinnerparty” (Photo: @chrissyteigen)


A decent portion of #drunkdinnerparty participants made gorgeous-looking Jambalaya, but others made some serious struggle plates. I guess that’s what happens when you get wasted and don’t know the difference between Taco Bell and jambalaya.

Check out the best (as well as the most struggle-icious) #drunkdinnerparty attempts below, along with amazing Tweets from Ms. Teigen.










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