It’s no secret Chrissy Teigen loves to eat. On Wednesday night, the Sports Illustrated supermodel innocently ordered Jack-in-the-Box tacos for delivery from Postmates, an on-demand food delivery service. This act catalyzed an epic twitter play-by-play between Chrissy and her Postmates delivery man, Caleb.

Time and time again, Teigen has proven that she takes food very seriously, and the case of the missing Jack in the Box order was no different. The wife of John Legend began demonstrating the five typical stages of grief when her tacos went missing.

1. Denial: After her Jack-in-the-Box order went missing, Chrissy began to fear the worst. Feeling hungry and slightly ashamed, she took to Twitter to document the missing food, blaming herself for trusting a delivery man instead of picking up the food herself.

2. Anger: After Caleb went M.I.A., Teigen began assuming her Postmates delivery man must have stolen her order, as one typically does when food goes missing. She grows angry, not-so-subtly subtweeting Caleb in the hopes he might see the tweet and turn over the tacos.

3. Bargaining: It’s pretty uncommon for a delivery man to steal food you paid for, so Chrissy begins to bargain that maybe it was her fault the tacos hadn’t arrived.

4. Depression: Upon realizing she indeed gave Postmates an incorrect delivery address, a defeated Teigen attempts to make up for her mistakes, offering to work for Postmates for the day.

5. Acceptance: A humbled Teigen apologizes for her error that started one of the most exciting taco kidnappings in history. Her acceptance leads to an apology and an unexpected 15-minutes of fame for Postmates and their delivery boy, Caleb.