Cooking in a kitchen that isn’t thoughtfully designed to suit your needs can be such a pain in the ass, you don’t want to cook anymore.

If you’re a person with physical disabilities, most kitchen designs don’t have your needs in mind. German industrial designer Dirk Biotto is here to change all that with his ChopChop modular kitchen system.

Biotto unveiled ChopChop at imm Cologne 2015, a major international interior design fair that’s held annually. According to Design Boom, several features make ChopChop customizable to suit a wide range of needs for both physically-impared people and the elderly.

Here are some of the features:

  • Interlocking steel tubes, which allow countertop height customization for each individual
  • Perforated backplates, which allow you to hang all utensils from S-hooks for easy access
  • A sink with sloping walls to make it easier to slide heavy pots and pans into and out of the sink
  • Use of a simple wing bolt and bent steel component system so you can rearrange everything easily to suit your needs
  • Open storage area for easy access
  • A sprayer with an extendable hose, like those seen in professional kitchens
  • Steel plates that can cover the sink completely when you’re not using it, for extra countertop space
  • A milled slot to stop bread or other things from sliding around as you try to slice them
  • A built-in grater that grates foods into a drawer. The grater and drawer are both removable and washable.

No sales or production details are available yet, but you can contact Biotto here if you want to find out more.

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[via Design Boom]