Not even the #struggle king of poor college students should stoop low enough to eat these chocolate instant noodles.

The dessert noodles (cringe) take four minutes to make by adding boiling water. The new product from Pot Noodle comes with a creamy chocolate sauce topped with chunks of all butter fudge, milk chocolate chips, and maple-covered pecan nuts.tyler-the-creator-the-fuck-gif

Of course, the noodles were dreamed up with the help of UK-based, high-end chocolatier Paul A. Young in honor of National Chocolate Day. They—the food PR Illuminati, that is—have officially created a holiday for every single food out there at this point, including Blueberry Popsicle Day.

Unless these instant chocolate noodles were created by Willy Wonka (as played by Gene Wilder), we have one thing to say about them: FOH.


Chocolate fried chicken, on the other hand, is a chocolaty-spin-on-a-savory-dish we can seriously fux with.

[via Pot NoodleThe Independent]

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