This year has seen plenty of food-borne illness outbreaks dominate headlines. First Blue Bell (and then Ohio ice-cream chain Jeni’s) had to issue a recall after officials linked its ice cream to three people who died from listeria. Then, a small salmonella outbreak occurred in California cucumbers and was responsible for at least one death.

Now, fast-casual titan Chipotle’s been affected by tainted ingredients. Minneapolis’ FOX9 reports that 64 cases of the illness have been linked to tomatoes used by the burrito-makers at 22 locations in the Twin Cities. Chipotle responded swiftly:

The company has switched suppliers for its tomatoes and the product was removed from its stores. The MDH says there is no longer a risk to the public. Investigators are working with state and federal officials to trace the tomatoes back to the farm of origin.

Business Insider followed up by mentioning that the people who fell ill reportedly ate at Chipotle between “August 16 to August 28 and people became ill between August 19 and September 3.” BI also reports that one lawsuit has already been filed against the company by April Beck, who has complained about diarrhea, blood clots, and multiple hospital visits, among other things.

This incident follows on the heels of 99 customers becoming sick after eating at a California Chipotle in August. While it’s too soon to say how these two isolated incidents will affect the chain’s image nationwide, it’s not hard to imagine that the Minnesota illnesses won’t do too much harm: Chipotle is one of the industry leaders when it comes customer trust.

[FOX9 via Business Insider]