Damn Chipotle, back at it again with those norovirus problems. According to WCVB, a location of the burrito-slinging chain in Billerica, Massachusetts closed it doors yesterday after an employee was found to have norovirus. Three employees called in sick for their shifts and one of those workers tested positive for the virus, while the other two remain as suspected cases.

Does this mean the burrito chain will have to endure another round of norovirus outbreaks? Just a few months ago, a location not too far away in Boston was closed after more than 140 people, mostly Boston College students, fell ill after eating at the restaurant. Sandra Giroux, a spokesperson for the Billerica Board of Health, says that Chipotle fans don’t have much to worry about. “The employees did not come into the restaurant. They called in sick.” Plus, the location has voluntarily shut down and is “throwing away all the food items in the store and sanitizing everything according to their new protocol.” So far no customers have fallen ill.

The protocol was put into place after Chipotle suffered a massive E. coli outbreak across 14 states as well as norovirus issues in California and Boston. While investigators were not able to identify a specific food or ingredient that was responsible for the outbreaks, the stores were declared E.coli free earlier this year. The outbreaks took a major toll on Chipotle’s sales—the chain lost a whopping $72.3 million worth of business last quarter. The restaurant has been trying to win back customers with free food and it appears to be working, so long as people don’t start getting sick again.

[via WCVB]