Chefs Feed, a mobile guide that gives chefs’ recommendations for restaurants and dishes, brings us a video in which chef Matty Matheson (of Parts & Labor in Toronto) tells us about the crazy life of line cooks.

“Everyone goes out and parties every single night and you show up and you’re hungover and you cook,” he begins. This lifestyle eventually caught up with Matheson—he suffered a heart attack at 29.

Soon after, he lost his naive perceptions. He claims that when he started out, he never followed a hierarchical work structure; instead, he got ahead by being a good line cook and by making good food.

He started taking his career more seriously after he got his first review. All he wanted to do, he says, was to attract “twenty-somethings, early 30s people to come in and party and eat like fucking vikings.” Most importantly, the food he served had to be consistently on point.

Today, he cooks up tasty dishes like the P&L Burger (dubbed “the perfect cheeseburger”), participates in two “collaborative chef groups,” is shooting a TV show, and runs four companies—which means he simply doesn’t have time to be hungover anymore. He has moved way past that lifestyle.

“Being hungover for 15 years, you kind of get some fear in your life. Now, I’m like, that’s gone,” he says.

[via Chefs Feed]

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