Movie theater popcorn seems ripe for collaboration with legendary snack-aisle items. Think about how fantastic a Cool Ranch-flavored popcorn would taste—and then remember how much better it’d make the experience of actually going to the movies. Creativity on that level would warrant blowing $15 or so on a ticket, right?

One potential popcorn-snack collaboration that could be in the works involves everyone’s favorite cheese-infused puffs, Cheetos. BuzzFeed’s Adam Vary initially dropped the news on April 21st on Twitter while attending the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.

USA TODAY‘s Entertain This! then followed up with a post several days later that explained that the game-changing snack is in the very early stages, and no decision about a release date has been made.

While Entertain This! warns against holding hands with a date whose fingers are coated in a bright orange powder, we’re willing to take the risk. Let this also serve as our opportunity to propose these other cinema-related collabs to flourish nationwide:

• Baja Blast Mountain Dew slushes
• The aforementioned Cool Ranch-flavored popcorn
• Burritos

Your move, theater owners and snack brands.

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