Celebrity chef Charlie Trotter died today at age 54, NBC Chicago reports. During his 30-year career, the Chicago chef authored 14 cookbooks, opened restaurants all over the world, and left a permanent mark on the food world. We asked chefs recently about Trotter’s influence, and here are some of the things they had to say:

Matthew Lightener (Executive chef at Atera)

“When I was a teenager and not even cooking yet, Charlie Trotter was one of the very first chefs that I followed because he was from the Midwest, like me. Back then, he was already doing things that people are doing now, like using amazing products and writing a cookbook. He was ahead of his time.”

Rosio Sanchez (Pastry chef at Noma)

“Chicago’s dining scene wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for his influence on both chefs and guests. He spawned the movement of fine dining in Chicago, which in turn has given Chicago a variety of talent.”

Kyle Connaughton (Formerly of the Fat Duck)

“Charlie Trotter had an incredible impact on cuisine in this country and on me as a young chef.”

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Photo: foodiebusiness.wordpress.com

Photo: foodiebusiness.wordpress.com