Click through the gallery above to see “Food Maps” of Africa, China, and more

Food-art duo Harry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin is back at it again, this time adding food-inspired cartography to an already impressive resumé featuring gingerbread models of museums, artistic renderings of last meals eaten by death row inmates, and a rice-based homage to Mark Rothko.

A new series, appropriately titled Food Maps, was “inspired by a passion for travel.” For the project, Hargreaves and Levin took the foods they associated with various countries and continents, then carefully molded them onto physical maps.

According to the artists, “These maps are a playful representation of [their] interpretation of food from around the world, painstakingly created with unadulterated food.”

For once, the United States is not represented by burgers and pizza; instead, the artists depict the country with an intricate quilt of wheat and corn. Corn = nachos. We approve.

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how the maps were put together.

Food Maps from Kiwi and Eagle on Vimeo.

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