The final four contestant for this year’s Do Us a Flavor campaign are annoyingly tame. Three of the possible winners come down to this list: Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Wasabi Ginger. 

The last contestant, however, is bound to raise eyebrows: welcome to the race, Cappuccino. 

Compared to what the chip battle from earlier this year had to offer, the flavors that are currently in the running don’t elicit responses from the masses. Back in January we had masterpieces generated by Twitter legend Chrissy Teigen that included questionably enticing/hilarious flavors including: “Bucket of Tears,” “Staph Infection,” and “Breast Milk.” Her Twitter followers joined in on the name-game action, coming up with things like “Endangered Black Rhino” and a delicious-sounding “Spammy Cheesy Egg Salad Sandwich.” 

The flavor that comes the closest to being funny/exciting this year is Cappuccino. The AP says that the flavor “doesn’t contain any actual coffee or caffeine,” probably because the FDA expressed concern “about the proliferation of caffeinated food and drinks.” The company has experimented with caffeine-themed chips before, previously teaming up with Pepsi to produce cola-flavored crisps (sold only in China).

Lay’s is planning to debut Korean barbecue and Thai Sweet Chili-flavored Stax chips later this month, so following this Asian-inspired trend, Wasabi Ginger has the highest chance of winning.

The creator of the winning chip flavor, which will be sold nationally starting late July, will win $1 million.

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