We get it: mornings are stressful, and sometimes you need a little something extra to take the edge off before the work day commences.

Cannabis K-cups are about to make all those pipe dreams of a relaxed Monday morning a reality with a caffeinated roasted coffee infused with marijuana to achieve what Fairwinds Manufacturing calls “a tremendous and enjoyable experience [for] the consumer.”

House of Jane has already begun distributing it’s marijuana-infused K-cups throughout dispensaries in California and have plans to expand to Nevada. The flavors range from a medium, light, and dark roast to both mocha and decaf blends with 20mg of sativa.

House of Jane co-founder Ben-David Sheppard explains the company is also working on a marijuana-infused vanilla frappuccino to be launched this upcoming summer; most likely in an attempt to market to all the basic stoners out there.

[via The Daily Dot]