Now this is strange and unexpected corporate synergy: Campbell Soup announced that, starting next year, it will begin selling soup pods that can be heated on Keurig brand coffee brewers. The “K-Cup” soup pods will have a broth inside and can be prepared “at the touch of a button,” just like a Nespresso or Keurig coffee pod. The K-cup packs come with a packet of dry pasta and a “vegetable blend garnish,” over which the broth is meant to be brewed.

Cup Noodles and instant ramen seem pretty low tech at the moment, don’t they? But we see one potential problem with the product: What if you wake up groggy, head to your Keurig machine for a much-needed espresso, and accidentally brew a cup full of soup broth instead? That would, essentially, blow. Not to mention, it would be really confusing to your vulnerable early morning mind.

“The company said it’s introducing the line of K-cup pods to meet growing consumer demand for quick snacking options,” reports the L.A. Times. These K-Cup soup pods seem like they could potentially be a huge hit, considering consumers crave convenience and speed in their snacking and dining options. The companies said they expect to launch three varieties of the new soup, including a chicken broth and noodle soup, which will be sold in the same store locations as K-Cup coffee.

Knorr Consomme make similar soup pods for Lavazza Espresso machines, but considering we haven’t heard of them until now, we’re guessing they’re not very popular.

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