Sometimes a food comes along that’s so terrifying, we don’t know whether to eat it or run for the hills. Case in point, this monstrosity:

Seriously, what is going on here? A whole-grilled alligator (do they have gators in Australia!?), wrapped from neck to tail in bacon, with a roasted chicken in its mouth? Turduckens (and turducken-stuffed pigs) are admittedly pretty weird, but this is a whole new level of insanity. The only thing we’ve seen that matches its horror is the Cthuken, which is a cooked bird with crab legs and a cooked octopus hanging out of the cavity:


Oh, and maybe the Tudor Cockentrice, featuring the head of a wild boar, the crown of a chicken, the wings and back end of a goose, and the torso of a lamb, all joined together by a taxidermist and stuffed with a seared saddle of lamb encasing minced dry-cured ham, chicken meat, and goose breasts:


We can’t find much information about this beast beast from Down Under, so we’ll just have to name it ourselves. Here are some preliminary ideas:

  • Chicongator
  • Albaken
  • Proof that Australians Are F**king Mental
  • The Bacon-Gator
  • Cthuken of the Swamp
  • Mummified Gator
  • The Reason Why Alligators Taste Like Chicken

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