In a story that gives a (sad) new twist to the rhetorical “where’s the beef?” conundrum, Irish authorities have found that burgers taken from the Rangeland Foods processing plant are comprised of up to 75% horsemeat. As Huffington Post reports, this new development comes amidst recent news of horsemeat found in “a wide range of factory-made burgers” in Ireland, as well as two lines made for British supermarkets Tesco and Co-op.

It turnes out the meat from Poland was categorized as beef offcuts (slaughterhouse leftovers), which Irish plants  incorporate “as cheap filler material in budget-priced burgers.” The new results are inconclusive in indicating whether they “represented a higher level of horsemeat than detected in earlier tests, given that the initial DNA tests were on finished burgers while the latest pinpointed the volume of horsemeat in the imported Polish ingredient itself.”

Both Burger King and Tesco have dropped Silvercrest plant, which was found to be “primary producer of horsemeat-tainted burgers.”

[via HuffPost Business]