Listen, Burger King adding hot dogs to its menu for the first time in its history is big news, but most news outlets missed the more important story: The chain somehow managed to convince Mr. D-O-Double-G to appear in the chain’s internal training videos. Not just any videos either, but the hot dog training videos per the Associated Press’ Candice Choi. Yes, Snoop Dogg is teaching Burger King employees how to make hot… doggs.

A screen grab shows Snoop donning facial hair, a blue polo shirt, glasses, a pretty expensive looking chain, and a name tag that simply says “Snoop.” There are few details regarding what exactly Snoop demonstrates but it probably involves making a perfectdizzle hot dogizzle. Hopefully, he doesn’t teach the workers to drop the hot dogs if they are hot. The chain also managed to recruited the actress Charo for the internal training videos too. Choi notes that Burger King may use the Snoop Dogg and Charo for marketing videos later.

Snoop has a long history of shilling for food and drink brands, though internal hot dog training videos might be a first. In 2014, the rapper was a spokesperson for Arriba, a brand of horchata energy drinks that were sold at 7-Eleven. Snoop has his own booze line, but perhaps his epic ad for Hot Pockets with supermodel Kate Upton is his best foray into food marketing, yet.

[via Twitter]