Here’s something that might render more fear in you than Halloween itself: the new A1 Halloween Burger at Burger King will turn your poo Grinch-colored. The burger, which channels Japan’s All Black Everything Burger, features A1 steak sauce and two black buns stained with food coloring.

As the hype for the burger reaches its peak, customers are finding the scariest part of the meal isn’t the burger itself. Instead, it’s the side-effect the food has on the digestive track long after consumption that’s truly gruesome.

Twitter user @str8lazie posted a photo of the unfortunate-looking aftermath of the halloween patty, and now hundreds of others are witnessing the issues associated with eating a black burger.

The burger’s unnatural shade of black is the result of plenty of black food coloring, a technique used with other colored Burger King burgers such as Japan’s red cheeseburger and Saudi Arabia’s green burger.

According to Dr. Oz, chemical food dyes are a common addition to many of our favorite processed foods including mac and cheese and various candies. Some claim that the chemicals are toxic and potentially cancer-causing. Let’s hope that black bun die is organic.

These Twitter users discovered why a black burger will likely never become a permanent part of our diets—unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing.

[via Twitter]