You know what goes really well with burgers? Beer. It makes sense, then, that Burger King has applied for licenses to serve beer at four U.K. restaurants.

The BK locations will serve American beer only, which makes us think that the company is prejudiced towards local breweries like Kernel and Bottledog—but that’s their loss. The American beer will be sold in plastic bottles (weird), and served from 10am to 11pm, because everyone likes beer with their breakfast.

The Daily Mail reports that “if the license is granted, Burger King could apply for more licenses nationwide.” Here’s to hoping!

Similar moves have been made by Taco Bell, which started serving alcohol at one Chicago location in September, as well as by Starbucks, which began serving wine along with Frappuccinos. Why is that not surprising? Even fast-food conglomerates know that selling alcohol makes profits soar.

This isn’t Burger King’s first foray into alcohol. Oh no. Flame-grilled Whopper Wine was definitely a thing, and BK’s bougiest endeavor to date.

UPDATE: According to Burger Lad, “the UK’s number one burger-review website,” Burger King will only be adding alcohol to its menu in participating UK airports. This means that the next time we’re at Heathrow, we’re definitely considering hitting up BK.

[via The Daily Mail]