We see no end in sight to the Times Square-ification of Williamsburg. Walter’s, a coffee shop specifically designed for Breaking Bad fans, will open this summer amidst the juice bars and semi-artisanal chocolate shops in Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood.

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Walter’s is the brainchild of Deniz Kosan, a 28-year old German who opened his first outpost of the meth lab-themed coffee shop in Istanbul a year ago. Although, according to Grub Street, Kosan had planned to open in Brooklyn before Istanbul until a key investor dropped out. But after one year and lots of viral marketing, the time has come to bring the Breaking Bad super-fan dream to the States.

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Kosan plans to open the coffee shop by the end of this summer at the corner of N. 8th and Wythe St, down the block from Brooklyn Brewery and the Wythe Hotel. If that location doesn’t work, Kosan has ideas about moving to Bushwick instead (after all, Williamsburg is so 2010).

From what we can garner from the coffee shop’s Instagram, the Walter’s in Istanbul has gone full Albuquerque with periodic-table designs on everything, Breaking Bad toys on counters, and even full meth-cooking hazmat suits for special occasions. Still, Kosan makes it painstakingly clear that his shop is Breaking Bad inspired, not Breaking Bad themed: “I can’t make it clear enough that this isn’t a theme park, but a unique coffee shop with just hints of the TV show.”

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We’re guessing that claim is just a way to cover his ass if AMC decides they want to sue Kosan for using their characters to sell his product. He continues,

“We tried not to use any official things from the TV show, but in case they do call us up, I am more than ready to talk to them and sit down with them and say, ‘Hey, guys, you did something beautiful. Let’s do something together. And there’s free coffee for you.'”

If all goes well, Kosan plans to expand his meth—err—coffee empire around the US. One can only hope that Walter’s is a major Williamsburg success, and then Sweet Chick changes their name to Los Pollos Hermanos, and the whole neighborhood turns into one giant meme.

[via Grub Street]