Bone broth a.k.a stock a.k.a 2015’s trendiest food is going mass market in the most low-brow way possible. According to Food Business News, the drink that launched a thousand rants is getting the K-Cup treatment. Yes, in addition to making awful, diluted coffee, the Keurig can now make mugs of awful, diluted bone broth. Perfect for your basic Paleo-obsessed neighbor.

Brad Hoppe, the national sales director for LonoLife, the San Diego-based company behind the bone broth K-cups, says that they are offering versions made from both beef and chicken. The company is also producing three more broth K-Cups including chicken (though this is somehow different from the chicken bone broth), mushroom, and vegetable (which features a “cornucopia of fresh vegetables.”)

Hoppe notes that the company was inspired by Campbell Soup Co. which has created a line of soup K-Cups. It showed that the Keurig can be used to make more than coffee. He adds that bone broth felt like “a perfect fit” because “they are on trend as people look for products high in protein that are nutritious.” Currently the broth K-Cups are available online and LonoLife is working to get them into stores soon.

While the inventor of the K-Cup has publicly admitted that he regrets inventing them due to their severe environmental impact, LonoLife is hoping to deflect some of the backlash of creating K-Cup products by making their pods recyclable. So there’s that at least.

[via Food Business News]