We thought Britain was going buck wild when it unleashed the world’s most expensive doughnut last month, which sells for £1,000 (or $1682 USD) and is covered in Dom Perignon champagne jelly.

Now there’s word of two over-the-top burger creations in England that rival anything Americans have ever come up with. One is a burger that weighed over three stones—and includes 30 lbs of beef—made by chefs at The Bond Hotel in Blackpool. The entire burger weighed 45 lbs, had a 21-inch-wide bun, 2 lbs of mayo, and 3.5 lbs of cheese, reports The Daily Mail.


Bond Hotel chef Graham Atkinson tells The Daily Mail, “Hopefully we could do some more things like this soon, maybe a giant hot dog next time. It’d be great to smash some records.”


The second colossal burger was the creation of Red’s True Barbecue in England. The Holy Cow burger (pictured below) includes 17 different types of beef:

  • Carpaccio
  • brisket
  • steak burger
  • oxtail
  • ox cheek
  • ox heart
  • ox liver
  • tongue
  • beef jus
  • beef rib
  • wagyu
  • beef bacon
  • jerky shards
  • beef drippings
  • pulled beef ragu

Because that is definitely not enough beef for Brits, Eater reports that the burger also comes with a Bloody Mary made with a beef tomato consommé and jerky shards, plus fries that are thrice cooked in beef drippings. The 2,500-calorie Holy Cow burger is a steal at £25 ($41.88 USD).

Usually, it’s the Americans who are busy creating unnecessarily large, over-the-top burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and Bloody Marys. But it’s obvious that Britain is elbowing their way into the oversized food game. David Cameron gotta speak on this.

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