The North Texas ‘breastaurant’ Redneck Heaven (yes, that’s what it’s called) is the subject of a reality show which will air this fall on MTV. A thirty second promotional spot advertising the show, which is called  “Big Tip Texas”,  aired Sunday night during the network’s Video Music Awards. The show will specifically follow the bikini-clad waitresses of the breastaurant who, according to Eater, shoot guns at watermelons, hang out of sports cars (while wearing bikinis), and of course, drink. And we’re guessing that they drink excessively—I mean, they do work at a breastaurant.

We’re thinking what you’re thinking: We didn’t know MTV could lower it’s standards this much. Or, are you thinking that you can’t wait for this show to air? No judgement. Either way, the thing we all need to remember is: you don’t need to specifically look at breastaurants as a place where sleazeballs go to leer at their waitress, whose uniform is designed to strategically emphasize her boobs. There are ways to patronize these establishments without being a total creep. Although, we have a feeling the patrons of Redneck Heaven aren’t just there for the wings.

Here’s the TV show trailer, because we know you’re going to want to watch this fall.

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