Big Sean, who broke up with eight-month girlfriend Ariana Grande back in April, looks like he may be returning to his original true love: Chipotle. The “IDFWU” rap star has demonstrated that Chipotle makes the ultimate significant other; burritos accompany the Detroit rapper on long flights and attend his biggest award shows.

The emcee revealed to GQ that things are getting pretty serious between him and the fast-casual burrito chain. “I eat Chipotle everyday,” admits Big Sean. 

The spark between the two dates back to 2011, when Sean announced publicly on his Facebook page that he was “addicted to Chipotle.”

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While some claim money can’t buy happiness, Big Sean’s not having that. Today, Big Sean lives the #blessed life, with his Chipotle burritos and bowls serving as his ever-dependable support system.

It’s likely the rap star will be the first to weigh in on Chipotle’s new-and-improved tortilla 2.0, because without Chipotle, who knows where Big Sean would be today?

[via GQ]